Scientific Program Committee





Dr Bronwyn Williamson Principal Medical Education Officer Caboolture Hospital
Ms Brooke Myers Medical Education Officer Gold Coast University Hospital
Ms Christine Fawcett Director of Clinical Training Nambour General Hospital
Ms Christy Noble   Principal Medical Education Officer Gold Coast University Hospital
Emeritus Professor Debbie Clayton Chair of Accreditation Committee Queensland Prevocational Medical Accreditation
Dr Gabriella Berger Senior Medical Education Officer Toowoomba Hospital
Ms Hannah Sun  Principal Officer Postgraduate Medical Education Council of Tasmania
Dr Hashim Abdeen Medical Registrar Redland Hospital
Ms Heather Dowling Senior Medical Education Officer Redcliffe Hospital
A/Professor Katrina Anderson Chair Canberra Region Medical Education Council
Ms Kieren Purnell Senior Implementation Coordinator – Medical Portfolio HEIT – Health Education & Training Institute
Ms Laura Turton Project Manager Arinex Pty Ltd
Professor Liz Farmer Chair, Prevocational Standards Committee & AMC Director Australian Medical Council
A/Professor Malcolm Leek Director Northern Territory Medical Education & Training Centre
Ms Marece Bentley Manager Postgraduate Medical Council of Western Australia
Dr Mellissa Naidoo Director Medical Services & Acting Director of Clinical Training St Andrew’s War Memorial Hospital
Dr Michael Zhong Yu  Junior Medical Officer Mater Hospital Brisbane
Dr Mikaela Seymour  Junior Medical Officer Royal Brisbane & Women’s Hospital
Dr Nicolette Frey Prevocational Medical Education Officer Mater Hospital Brisbane
Mr Reece Johnson  Project Officer, Education and Accreditation South Australia Medical Education & Training
Professor Richard Tarala Chair Postgraduate Medical Council of Western Australia
Dr Roxanne Chenn  Junior Medical Officer Event Directors – The Pre-Internship (PRINT) Conference
Ms Sarah Vaughan  Manager, Prevocational Standards Accreditation Australian Medical Council
Dr Sheila Bryan Medical Advisor Postgraduate Medical Council of Victoria
Dr Steve Lambert Director Queensland Prevocational Medical Accreditation
Ms Teneka Hall Program Officer Postgraduate Medical Council of Western Australia
Ms Theanne Walters  Deputy Chief Executive Officer Australian Medical Council